Vari-Lite VL800 BeamLine

Vari-Lite VL800 BeamLine

Philips Varilite VL800 Beamline - A linear moving head unit offering a wide variety of unique effects and animation options. 


The VL800 BeamLine’s 12 RGBW LED emitters produce a bright (>3000 lumen) and distinctive, flat sheet of light with a collimated 3.5° beam angle. The unit offers advanced dynamic capabilities with fast, continuous pan and tilt, plus Vari-Lite’s exclusive Mega-step and Twist functions on both pan and tilt channels.

The VL800 BeamLine’s unique looking optical system and comprehensive RGBW color mixing capabilities are complemented by the possibility for pixel-mapping in 12-zone mode, allowing for the extra dimension of video integration.


The VL800 BeamLine is compact and lightweight, designed to maximize performance, reliability and ease of maintenance



Linear strip moving light

  • 12 x RGBW LED emitters
  • 3.5° beam angle
  • Continuous pan and tilt
  • Fast, repeatable synchronized movement
  • Compact and lightweight
  • >3000 lumen output
  • Pixel-mapping
  • Mega-step and Twist effects